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Help by donating Medical supplies

If you have medical supplies that can help assist our mission in any way please contact us. Below is a list of supplies that would be beneficial to our mission.

Equipment Needed

MRI Machines
CAT Scan Machines
Ultrasound Machines
X-Ray Machines
Blood Analyzer
Delivery Tables
Aspirator (Suction machines Autoclaves)
Disposable Gloves.
Glove cases.
Instrument Cases with Surgical Instrument.
Trash cans.
Stepping Stools.
Adjustable Seating Stool.
Spotlight for patient Examination.
Surgery Room Light with Emergency Back-up Battery.
Scale for Newborns
Adult Scale.
Cabinet with Glass Doors.
Metallic Desks.
Rotating Office Chairs.
Non-rotating Office Chairs.
Bed for Newborns with plastic Covered Mattress.
Bed for Infants with plastic Covered Mattress.
Hospital Bed with plastic Covered Mattress.
IV poles.
Sterilization Items and equipments.
Bandages and Sterile Gauze.
Syringes, Needles.
Folding Room partition.

Equipment Necessary to Fully Equip a Surgery room Including a Sciolytic lamp.


Medical Supplies

Bandage hydrophilic 7.5 cm x 10 cm
Bandage, plaster of paris 10 cm x 2.75 m
Cotton wool 500g, Eur. Ph.
Gauze compresses IOxIO cm,12 ply, sterile Applicator sticks with cotton tip, 15 cm
Bandage crepe 10 cm x 4 m
Bandage, elastic 8cm x 5 m stretched
Bandage, hydrophylic 7.5 em x 5 m
Gauze compresses lOxl0 cm, 12 ply, non-sterile
Gauze compresses 10x1O cm, 12 ply sterile
Gauze, hydrophylic 90 cm x 91
Gloves,exam,late~non steri1e,disposable – medium
Gloves,exam,latex,non sterile,disposable – large
Gloves, surgica1 sterile – size: 7 ‘l2
Maternity pads
LV. placement units(iv. catheter,iv. canula) size 18g
I,V. placement units(iv. catheter,i.v. canula) size 20g
LV. placement units(i.v catheter,i.v. canula) size 22g
Disposable needles – size 18g
Disposable needles – size 20g
Disposable needles – size 22g Disposable syringes – 5 ml
Disposable syringes -10 ml
Bandage, plaster of paris 10 cm x 2.75
Bandage, plaster of paris 15 cm x 2.75 m

Metronidazole 250 mg
Metronidazole 5 mglml parenteral 100 ml vial


Medication Needs

Antimalarial Agent 

Antibiotics,Antibacterials,Antifungals, etc.
Antiparasitics against Ascaris, Tania, Trichuris Amebas ,Trichomonas
HIVI AIDS medications
Anti-inflammatory Agent, Anticonvulsants, Muscle Relaxants
Antidepressants Anticoagulants
Antinauseants Antispasmodics, Anticholinergics.
Antidiabetics Agents, Antishock Emergency Kits, Insect Sting Emergent Kits,
Anesthetics local, topical, injectable.
Anesthetics: local; topical, injectable
Antiliistamines , Decongestants, Cough and cold preparation
Expectorants: Oral, Nasal, Topical; Bronchial Dialators.
Dermatological: Antidandruff, Antidermatitis, Antiherpes , Soaps and Detergents
Wound Dressings, Wart Therapeutic Agents
Hemorrhoidal Preparations
Hormones, Androgenes, Estrogents, Progestogents, Human Growth Hormone,
Corticoids Gluco..corticoids, Gonadotropin
Dietary Supplements: Vitamins (pediatric, Multivitamins and Minerals), Calcium
preparation, Bone Metabolic Regulators.
Hyper and Hypoglycemic Agents
Cardiovascular Preparations, Quinidines
Ophthalmological Agents: Antiallergic, Antiglaucomatous, Antibacterial, Antiviral,
Eye Washes, Moisturizing Agents
Tuberculosis Preparations.
Sedatives, Tonics
Plasma Extenders and Expanders
Urinary Tract Agents: Acidifiers, Alkalizing Analgesics
Vaginal preparations: Capsules, Tablets, Creams, Douches
Uterine Contractants and Inhibitors.
Fertility Agents: Contraceptive Devices and Oral Agents.
Infant Formulas
Diagnostics Agents: Blood Glucose, Culture Media, Occult Blood in Feces,
Staphylococcus Aureus, Gonococcus, Bacteriuria, Urine Test