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Our Mission


We believe that we can transform more lives

Millions of children and adults in the Democratic Republic of Congo struggle to survive everyday without access to basic necessities or services such as medical care and education

How you can help?

•  Funding for Economic & Educational Support
•  Donate Medical Supplies, Equipment
•  Monetary Donations

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our mission

Empowering lives by providing resources and opportunities

Restoring Health

Countless sick and injured people are needlessly suffering and dying for lack of medical care

Transforming Lives

Making a difference for one person, or one family, can transform a village

Shaping the Future

Education that helps communities break out of the vicious cycle of poverty

Touching Hearts

Instilling confidence and self worth by showing that you care

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Donate today and make a change

Over the past 20 years, we have transformed the lives of thousands of children and families in the Congo. With your help, we aim to double our reach in the next five years, putting more communities on track to a better future.

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    How Can You Help?

    Your support can help us make life better for many and increase their chances for a brighter future.

    For several years the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been enduring one of the most under-reported crises in the world. Years of brutal civil war and natural disasters, coupled with irresponsibility and neglect, have contributed to the complete collapse of the education system and the health care system.

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    Call Now: +1-585-622-4284

    Now, with the risk of COVID-19 ever-present, children and families in Africa without access to basic sanitation and health care are more at risk than ever. The RTST Foundation is responding to the immense needs of vulnerable children and families by helping to improve access to healthcare and education.



    We’ve successfully delivered hundreds of supplies and donations.

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